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We offer unique service packages to the piling and foundation industry, from annual inspection and certification service to a full plant partnering service that includes breakdown call out equipment storage at our branch in Roydon Essex and repair and maintenance contracts for rigs and ancillary equipment. Each package is tailored to the requirements of your company, and our goal is for our service customers to consider PPS Ltd as their own plant division, dealing with the job of keeping your equipment in a safe functional condition, leaving you free to get on with the piling.

Type of services we offer:

  1. Inspection and certification – When a Certificate of Thorough Inspection is required, a qualified inspector from PPS Ltd will visit your premises or your site perform the required inspection, and a valid certificate will be issued.
  2. Bespoke schedule servicing scheme – Offering regular servicing at intervals of your choice (usually 500 hours) with full documentation and service sheets supplied after each individual service, with all breakdown call outs and spares fitted by PPS Ltd recorded on our database.
  3. Notice will be given when certificates are due and scheduled services are imminent giving you time to make alternative arrangements while work is carried out.
  4. We can arrange to hire out rigs and ancillary at reduced rates to reduce down time and lost production.
  5. Refurbishment of rigs to the level that you require.
  6. Cleaning, replacing teeth and re hard facing augers.

Fabrication and Welding

PPS have the facilities, resources and expertise to work on various manufacturing projects.

These projects range from fabrication of parts for both our own and customer machinery, manufacture of Augers right through to working with customers on projects offering piling solutions.

PPS Welders are coded and can complete all tasks related to on or off site structural welding.

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